Who is Billy Bob????

You guessed it....this is Billy Bob on a good day.

You gots to know him to understand



Just a few short years back (1941) I was borned into this world as a beautiful, screaming package of joy at 8 pounds and some ounces. That was the beginning of a life long adventure which has had it's up sides and down sides. I liked the "up" sides best 
cause I didn't get hurt too bad or lose gigantic amounts of blood.

My first few years (as best as I can remember) you could say I was a mean little bastard. 
Up till 8 years old, I lived on a farm and got to know animals very well. And they also got to know me very well. Mostly when they seen me coming they would haul butt looking for a place to hide. I was a collector of turtles, snakes and numerous bugs. 
Some found homes in my pockets, under my bed or in places they weren't supposed to be. Much cussing and screaming 
was heard almost on a daily basis when my pets showed up in unsuspecting places.

Then I started growing onto a man. Smoking cigars at 9 years old, beating up neighbor kids, crashing bicycles, 
blowing up stuff and just good old clean mischief. Have you ever thrown shot gun shells in a coal furnace. 
You talk about caos....whoa!!! 
** Don't do this at home unless you want a severe beating with big sticks, boards or lead pipes. ** 

My first sex encounter was at 12 years old. She was on top and I had not one inclination as to what the hell she was doing. 
"That's all I have to say about that" (GUMP)

Man life was beginning to emerge as a whole new frontier. There is no limit to what you can do as a man and I experienced all I could handle. My cousin (Myrtle Margaret) (S) told me a few years back she was surprised I was still alive from all my adventures. Or was that mis-adventures. 

Teen years were the best. I did survive them and the memories are food for thought to this day. Loved some of the stuff I got into. Ask Gerry from Ridgecrest. That boy and I were like no one else. Trouble, trouble trouble. 
But it sure was a boys dream to be like we were. "HUCK & TOM"

Spent 4 years plus in the Navy were I continued my adventurous ambition. Nothing here happened that needs to be brought to public attention. Been a lot of places and did a lot of things. Some good....some bad. But it sure was an adventure. 

Tried my thing with the marriage thing. Twice times!!!
The first was to a cute little mexican chic (MARIA). We spent 10 years together and had 5 beautiful little munchkins. (Learned something from the girl on top) Boy did we have a time with those 10 years. Some were bad but I remembers the goods the most. She almost shot me while dove hunting close to Galveston, Tx. Damn she scared me. 
Then there was the time she chunked a butcher knife my way. I don't think she intended to hit me with it but it sure was close. Stuck in the wall no more than 6" from my head. I still loves her but damn did she ever get big....LOL.
Then there was the other name on this one. I don't like her but I have to say something since we had 2 more munchkins. Now I have 7. 
Angela is my baby girl. She is like spoiled all the way to the top of her head. She's just like her "daddy" and I love it. 
Little bit of 'red-neck' and a little bit of adventure. Daniel is out there some where.

I have something like 17 grandchildren. 
Don't ask me to put their names down here cause there's too many for me to remember.